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  • 如果对网站有好的建议,在浏览网站时有疑问,或是在订购过程中需要投诉,请给我们留言,或直接联系我们!客服电话400-886-0665 客服邮箱service@tourex.com 客服QQ627135751

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    [申请合作]Mr, Ma’mExcuse me for contacting you this way, I am the manager of Caracterres, a high-end incoming tourism agency in France. My company offers prestigious activities to enable people to discover the French aristocratic way of life. We propose tourist tours during 3 days in the west of France, during which our clients will be welcomed by chateaus’ owners. They can discover French culture in an authentic way : French Etiquette, Wine tasting courses, Stag hunting with a specialist, big game cooking courses, private concert with an opera singer. These activities are some examples of our offer, we adjust to our clients demand.We organize all the trip : translator, transport, meals and activities.Forgive this unusual request; I would propose to you a partnership with your prestigious agency, it will imply obviously a commission rate.For your record, we were invited to the Beijing International Tourism Expo and we were able to see how our offer seems appealing. In few months, we will welcome a delegation of Chinese businessmen who are convinced by the quality of our offer.Now, we want to expand our network, should it be possible to meet someone of you company in France to present our product with more details.Thanks a lot for you time, hope we could fine a way to both get benefit from this collaboration. For any inquiry, do not hesitate to contact me.Thank you. Best regards,Tristan Veillet-Lavallée+33 6 58 89 26 84www.caracterres.comtristan.veilletlavallee@caracterres.com
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